Sunday, May 8, 2011

Insidious Astral Projection

Astral projection is a trendy topic. Moviegoers are surfing all across the web to find astral projection content. Insidious employs astral projection as the main concept to capture the essence of the astral world. In an astral sense, the astral world is conveyed as a world where astral bodies are stuck in the "Further," an astral plane neither heaven or hell recognizes as a dimension.

Astral projection in Insidious is portrayed as an act with evil consequences. Nonetheless, astral projection is viewed as a process that weakens the physical mind, exposing it to demons and evil spirits craving to live again in the physical world. Insidious captures the essence of astral projection to demonstrate the out-of-body-experience in motion.

Nevertheless, Insidious delves into the astral world to show the power of possession. Evil spirits who prey on human minds are capable of occupying a human body. Thus, astral projection weakens the physical mind to open another dimension filled with demons and evil spirits.

Insidious accurately portrays astral projection as an out-of-body-experience; however, the psychic medium uses mind projection techniques to mind project Josh into the astral world. Astral projection in movies is nothing new. A Nightmare on Elm Street mastered astral projection through dividing the dream and the physical world using the out-of-body-experience. In the film world, astral projection is at the center of attention. Thanks for reading.

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