Friday, August 26, 2011

Possessed Dogs

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Can a dog become possessed? What are the signs of a possessed dog? It is possible your dog can become possessed. How can a dog become possessed? People who practice black magic can cast a spell, exposing your dog to demon possession. Vulnerable dogs leave their souls open to evil spirits and demons. Do you own a dog who seems violent? Does your dog watch you in a creepy way? Possessed dogs are just as evil as humans under the control of demons.

There is no explanation to determine the reason dogs become possessed. Nonetheless, possessed dogs will appear like the Saint Bernard on Stephen King's Cujo movie. These possessed dogs show classic signs of rabies, but are not affected with the deadly virus. You can sense dogs are possessed through their actions. They seem to enjoy getting into trouble as well as lack compassion. 

Possessed dogs will attempt to attack their owners and any other person in their presence. They will watch your every move. Possessed dogs may even watch you sleep at night in a strange way. Think of the dog on Omen. This demon dog was so evil because the spawn of the devil was put on Earth to protect the devil kid.

Possessed dogs might harm themselves. A common sign of a possessed dog is their lack of care for their physical presence. You may find a possessed dog smashing their head into the wall or mischievously behaving beyond their traditional attention binges. Demons don't care about the physical cavity they possess. Dogs are another conquest to carry out their evil plan.

You will know when a dog becomes possessed. Dogs occasionally get sick. However, possessed dogs have an eerie aura that surrounds them. Demons and evil spirits can possess dogs as they do with humans. The Fallen movie is a story about a serial killer who is able to jump from one body to another through possessing a soul. Every dog is vulnerable to possession.

Possessed dogs may tear apart your home with no reason whatsoever. When you yell at your dog, they will show no fear. Demons are typically fearless unless God's presence is felt. Praying can prevent a demon and or evil spirit from possessing your dog. Don't worry too much about your dog becoming possessed. Nevertheless, pay close attention to their behavior to pick up on the classic signs and symptoms of possession. If you notice your dog acting strangely, jot down notes of their behavior to evaluate whether the abnormalities are consistent with possession.  

Possessed dogs are as real as possessed humans. Hence, possessed dogs may have to go through an exorcism to rid their physical body of a demon entity. Nothing is more unsettling than a dog watching you with an evil glare. Dogs usually fear their owners, so noticing a rebellious dog displaying behavioral changes is a sign that something is potentially wrong.

Whereas your dog may not be possessed, don't rule out the fact that an evil entity is incapable of taking over their astral body. It is quite possible that dogs leave their physical bodies open while they sleep. For the most part, dogs sense the presence of evil entities. They can't always protect their soul from evil beings assuming control of their physical body.

This article is intended to keep you alert of demon possession. Don't be afraid of possession. If you have further questions, please visit the following article link at Pet Possession. The greatest protection against demon possession is adopting strong faith and showing strong courage to fight demons.

Never allow demons and or evil spirits to possess your dog and yourself. I used to let writing about possession make me feel uneasy. However, I have strong faith that God will protect me. Protect your dogs from demon possession with placing cross next to their doggy bed and praying for them every night. Good luck. Stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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