Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries explained

Chernobyl Diaries deal out a cool plot twist. The nuclear film is much better than Cabin in the Woods. It is not some dumb satire that people keep defending. Most of the Cabin in the Woods activists are past film students and film buffs. In Chernobyl Diaries, we have a real life nuclear disaster. The nuclear fallout plays a role in the twist ending. We will explain Chernobyl Diaries to help you understand the movie.


Chernobyl Diaries is no paranormal movie. The so-called ghosts are actually zombies who mutated from the radioactive fallout. Those who stayed behind got exposed to high levels of radiation. The radiation mutated human cells to change the living into zombie creatures.

The Russian government and researchers are hiding the truth. Chernobyl is a research site to monitor the zombies. Otherwise, the Russian military would eliminate the threat. Russian soldiers shot Paul dead since he refused to listen. Amanda got spared to die a more horrific death in the research facility.

The research lab is further away from Chernobyl. We have doctors wearing minimal protection unlike the Russian military soldiers wearing full chemical gear at Reactor #4. Uri is possibly involved in the conspiracy. He kicks aside warm twigs, showing he knows that Prypiate is not abandoned.

Chernobyl survivors are zombies. However, the zombies are smarter than most think. The ending conveys the truth will stay inside Chernobyl. Sick with radiation exposure, Amanda is thrown into a dark room to get eaten by zombies. An underground laboratory is revealed en route to Reactor #4.

We have top secret experiments conducted on zombie creatures. The research feedback can help the government learn about the effects of radiation. It is a new biological weapon against another enemy. In the near future, we will explain Chernobyl Diaries once further details surface.

Chernobyl Diaries is a zombie movie rather than a paranormal movie. The zombie creatures are those who went missing after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. Every plot detail besides the initial Chernobyl nuclear fallout is fictional.

There are no zombies in Prypiat, Russia. No conspiracy theories surround Chernobyl, though some experts make some points to challenge the nuclear disaster. We highly doubt the former Soviet Union would risk their economy and conspiracy claims to jeopardize their future.